15|33 Studio

What we do

The store was born in July 2018 inspired by the makers, we are obsessed with individual style, we are always on the look for independent brands and young designers to stockist. If you are more into gender neutral, or a splash of color, or a cut edgy dress or even a basic jeans, we got you! individual diversity is our DNA.
I mainly aim to create a true community in a sense of promoting and sharing what’s great out there with everyone. So i decided that the online platform would support other retailers selling online too. I believe in cross selling and in collaborations. If you need help selling online please let us know!  If you meet the criteria and our values to be part of this beautiful community we be thrill to have on our side.
We also provide all kind of services related with social media content and ecommerce content. Such as photography, video, styling, art direction, lookbook, production, brand activation, flyers, etc… Let us know if you need any help to heyyou@15-33store.com