About 15|33 Store

We are located at the beautiful beach side city of Vila Do Conde, with a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere.
Hey! I’m Verónica and i’m the founder of 15|33 Studio Store, i just had a baby named Benjamim when i decided to go through this long life goal. In fact the store name is actually my birth hour, as a symbol of my reborn state of mind. I was looking for a shift in my life and decided to dive in this project, i wanted to create a place full of caracter, with objects with stories behind them, just like mine. With a fashion design degree and working as Fashion Stylist it felt natural to pursue this path as a new entrepreneur with a vibrant and unique kind of store.
The store was born in July 2018 inspired by the makers, we are obsessed with individual style, we are always on the look for independent bands and young designers to stockist. If you are more into gender neutral, or a splash of color, or a cut edgy dress or even a basic jeans, we got you! Individual diversity is our DNA.